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Motorola MTP850 Digital Two Way Radio

Customers’ continually evolving businesses ensure that Motorola is constantly developing new applications and features to meet their operational needs. The MTP850 Digital Two Way Radio boasts a wide range of technological advances – developed in response to a myriad of real-world requirements. From security, retailing and hospitality, to commercial enterprises in industries as diverse as utilities, manufacturing, construction, logistics and transport – the need for secure and clear communications has never been more important.

True colour. Truly original
The MTP850 Digital Two Way Radio user friendly cellular style interface with high resolution colour display ensures that digital communications have never been as easy to manage. From data queries to image sharing, the MTP850 with its 65,000 vivid colours offers accurate reproduction and delivery of maps, illustrations, etc in various lighting conditions.

Safety through location
Safety and efficiency are critical factors for any business. The integrated GPS (satellite) location service, allows users to be located instantly.

Safety through design
Communications need to be quick and easy to be effective, so the MTP850 Digital Two Way Radio has been designed to protect users, from its high quality voice call to its size. At only 12.5 cm height, it is easy to carry, but it’s big where it matters, with large emergency and push to talk buttons.

Safety through secure communications
Maintaining private and secure communications is increasingly important as potentially sensitive information flows back and forth. With this in mind, the MTP850 Digital Two Way Radio has been designed to support secure Air Interface Encryption.

Durable and Robust
Every Motorola digital model passes an accelerated life testing process which simulates a 5 year life span; these vigorous tests ensure that the MTP850 Digital Two Way Radio meets some of the highest levels of military robustness (MIL-STD 810) and industrial STD - IP54.

Designed to deliver. Designed for the future.
Building on Motorola’s data capabilities, the MTP850 Digital Two Way Radio is capable of supporting new and exciting applications such as SMS and WAP communications. Access to databases, directories or folders will be as simple as using a computer for timely and dependable communication.

Key Features and Benefits

Voice Service - Group:

  • Local Site Trunking
  • Announcement Talk Group call
  • Emergency Call
  • Group Call
  • Late Entry
  • Dynamic Group Number Assignment (DGNA) - (up to 2047 Groups)
  • Scanning
  • Talking Party Identification
  • Priority Monitor

Voice Service - Private Call:

  • Half duplex/full duplex operation
  • Flexible dialling (list scroll, short number dial, direct entry, alphabetic search, last number called)
  • Loud/discreet audio mode
  • Calling line Identification Presentation

Voice Service - Telephony:

  • Full duplex operation
  • Speakerphone
  • Flexible dialling (list scroll, direct dial, alphabetic search, speed dial, one-touch dial, last number redial)
  • DTMF overdial
  • Calling line Identification Presentation

Data/Messaging Services:

  • Short Messaging Service (SMS) - to individual / group target
  • Built-in database enquiry templates
  • Full WAP support
  • Packet Data
  • One-touch status messaging
  • Keypad entry of status values
  • Peripheral Equipment Interface (PEI) for external RS232 short and packet data devices
  • New text message notification during calls
  • Predictive text entry Alphanumeric Text Service (ATS)

Security Service:

  • Air Interface Encryption
  • Authentication (Clear Mode, Secured Mode)
  • Secure Key Provisioning Tool
  • Radio Stun
  • Packet data user authentication

User Safety:

  • Dedicated Emergency button
  • Colour indication of Emergency Mode(Red Display)
  • Editable Screensaver with logo option
  • Talk Group lock
  • Keypad lock
  • Transmit Inhibit
  • Separate front mounted main loudspeaker and earpiece to prevent Acoustic Shock
  • 1 Watt audio amplifier and speaker

User Interface Features:

  • 2 dedicated context sensitive menu softkeys
  • 2 dedicated programmable function buttons
  • One-touch functions on numeric keypad (10 entries)
  • Flip Display
  • 2 font sizes
  • Display Contrasts
  • Top Mounted multi-function Talk Group Selector and Volume Control
  • Side & bottom accessory connector
  • 2 microphones
    - Top microphone for dispatcher calls
    - Bottom microphone for “one-to-one” calls
  • Alphanumeric Talk Group search
  • Loud/discreet audio mode toggle
  • Quick access to Menu items via editable Menu Shortcuts
  • Keypad tones on/off
  • Alert tones on/off
  • Configurable Notification tones
  • Backlight options (disabled and automatic)
  • Wallpaper
  • Scan list edit via keypad
  • Address book edit via keypad
  • One-touch Private / PABX / Status / Group / TXI / Database template / Flip display
  • Full access to menu system during calls
  • Call history missed/received
  • Fast access to functions using
  • Unified Address Book (contacts)
  • Home key
  • VibraCall®
  • Screen Saver

GPS Location Service:

  • Fully integrated single chip GPS
    - GPS disable option for special operations
    - Low current and high sensitivity
    - Autonomous GPS support
    - Patented Helical GPS antenna


  • Side connector for audio accessories
  • Dedicated connector for digital programming, upgrading, packet
  • Programming interface via USB
  • Modeless Operation
  • Favourite Talk Group (DMO/TMO)


Performance Matched Accessories
Motorola accessories are designed as an integral part of the radio system and tested to ensure they are “performance matched”. All of which are created and built to rigorous standards, then Accelerated Life Tested to simulate 5 years of service.

Expanding the MTP850 Capabilities
The MTP850 Digital Two Way Radio offers seamless and efficient co-ordination, control and response for staff operations. Motorola takes this a step further to maximise productivity through its accessory range to turn a great radio into a customised communications solution. Every Motorola accessory is designed to deliver peak performance, so adding the proper headsets, microphones, chargers and carry cases will ensure enhanced productivity.

Motorola batteries have been designed to work hand in hand with the MTP850 optimising performance and staff operations.
FTN6573 Standard capacity battery 950 mAh - Lithium Ion (> 10hr for 5/5/90 duty cycle)
FTN6574 Ultra high capacity battery 1850 mAh - Lithium Ion (> 20hr for 5/5/90 duty cycle)

Chargers and Vehicle Solutions
Designed to work as a total system with the MTP850 and battery, Motorola chargers maximise battery life.
FTN6575 Dual pocket desktop charger base (requires travel charger/power supply NNTN4250B)
NNTN4250 Travel charger (power supply unit) US plug, add on country specific adaptor: (SYN8127B - Australia/New Zealand)
FLN9469 Vehicle power adaptor

Audio Accessories
Remote microphone and functional earpieces leave the hands free and face unobstructed. Motorola offers solutions, from in-door to high speech clarity requirements, for those in noisy environments, to those carrying out surveillance work.
RNM5042 Remote speaker microphone with emergency button
Optional Receive-only earpiece for use with RNM5042:
PMLN4621 D-hook receiver earpiece
PMLN4393 Over-the-ear style receive earpiece
FTN6596 Earpiece receive only with coiled cord, suitable for shoulder worn radios
FTN6582 Breeze headset with boom microphone and in-line Push-To-Talk
FTN6583 Personal hands free kit (ear bud with in-line microphone and Push-To-Talk)
FTN6595 Surveillance kit - 3 wire earpiece with separate Microphone and Push-To-Talk
FTN6707 Surveillance kit -2 wire earpiece with combined Microphone & Push-To-Talk
PMLN4605 Acoustic tube for use with 2 wire kit FTN6707A
Optional add-on accessories for use with FTN6595 and FTN6596:
NTN8371 Acoustic tube for low noise environments (clear voice tube with rubber ear tip)
NTN8370 Acoustic tube for extreme noise environments (clear voice tube with foam earplug)
WADN4223 Ear shell, large with grommet insert
WADN4224 Ear shell, small with grommet insert

Carry Options
Carrying accessories are available in various options and materials to meet different operational needs. Coupled with the MTP850 audio accessories, the Motorola solution offers convenience and hands free mobility.
RLN5717 Belt worn hard leather case with swivel 2” belt loop
RLN5718 Belt worn nylon holster with fixed 3” belt loop
RLN5719 Belt worn soft leather carry case with swivel 2” belt loop
RLN5720 Belt worn soft leather carry case with integrated belt clip
NTN5243 Shoulder strap (for use with above carrying cases)
HLN9767 Wrist strap
HLN9844 Belt clip (for 2.0” belt width)
HLN9714 Belt clip (for 2.5” belt width)

Injection molded for use in rugged environments.
Each antenna is tested and tuned to give maximum power and performance. The MTP850 patented antenna ensures optimal positioning for GPS coverage.
8587526V08 Compact Antenna 800-870 MHz with integrated GPS antenna
8587526V09 Enhanced Performance Antenna 800-870 MHz with integrated GPS antenna

FKN4897 RS232 data cable
FLN9636 RS232 Programming cable
NNTN4007 USB programming cable